The Beth Samuel Sisterhood plays a special and vital role at Beth Samuel. It is a source of friendship and fun, support and caring, and community vitality. We plan numerous events throughout the year. Many members are active in Hadassah and the National Council of Jewish Women.  

Sisterhood Book Club
The Beth Samuel Sisterhood's Book Club will meet every other month throughout the year . Alternate meetings may include the interfaith group (not formed yet), supplemental books for the adult lecture series, or for additional books requested by members.

Ongoing Partnerships/Projects:

  • Hadassah collection for the Women’s Shelter of Beaver Co. Please collect toiletries (especially those complimentary bottles of soap & shampoo from hotels)
  • NCJW - Designer Days: November, at the Pgh ExpoMart
  • Literacy Project at the Family Room at the Allegheny County Courthouse - We collect children’s books for the children whose families are attending family court. For many children, this is the first and only book that they own.
  • Ambridge Food Pantry - Help packing bags of food for poor families is needed the 4th Tuesday evening of each month. This is a great project for teens!  
    • HOLIDAY FOOD DONATIONS - At Yom Kippur, we ask members to fill a bag with the food they would have eaten. At Passover, members are encouraged to donate the foods they clear from their kitchen in observance of the special kosher rules at Pesach.
    • Food items especially needed: peanut butter, noodles, spaghetti sauce, canned fruits (esp. peaches & pears), canned vegetables, canned tuna/meats, stews/soups, cereal, rice, canned juice.

View our Events Calendar to see upcoming Sisterhood Events.