Selichot 2019

   This is my CHAI year!  It was 18 years ago that I was ordained as a Cantor from my seminary.  So, mark Saturday evening, September 21 at 7:00PM, on your calendar and join me and our BSJC community as we celebrate together.  Let me explain. 
   Gematria is a form of Jewish numerology, and as you know, we like to reference certain letters and numbers in our tradition.  One of the best known instances of this is the word CHAI, meaning living, or life.  The Hebrew letters that spell CHAI add up to 18 (chet is 8 and yud is 10, hence 8+10+18), and so we associate “life” with the number 18.  The 18th year is a significant milestone for me this year and certainly worthy of celebration! 
   We are holding a special event at BSJC to mark the occasion of my 18th anniversary as a Cantor, and I will be announcing a unique gift that I will be presenting to our synagogue in honor of it.  You will have to attend that night to find out what it is!  I know you will all be excited about it when I tell you.
   We will also be recognizing some other very special people.  We will honor our 2 stalwart Torah readers, Karen Beaudway and Dr. George Goodman, and we will honor our “senior” members whose wisdom has helped shape our synagogue over the years.  I will be giving a tribute and making presentations to all of these exceptional members.
   We are serving classy refreshments this evening, too, and we will conclude with a short Selichot service.  I hope everyone will come celebrate with me and pay tribute to our honorees.  It promises to be a very beautiful evening, made even more beautiful by your presence!            


L’hitra’ot, until next time!