September 2018

    As we get ready to come together and to celebrate the Ten Days of Repentance together, we prepare for time to share with family and friends around the holiday table, for coming to synagogue, and for hearing those familiar melodies which connect us.  It’s a time to reflect on the challenges we faced this past year and those we may face in the coming year, in our own lives and globally.
    It’s also a time to dare to envision the limitless hope in knowing that each of us has the power to make a difference, to create positive change in our small corner of the world.  I’ll be introducing a song with this theme on erev Rosh Hashanah, as a blessing to all at this time of the year. 
    This song was written a couple of years ago by Michael Hunter Ochs, who has set many pieces of liturgy and prayers to music.  I thank him for his thoughts, which are embedded in this article.  I found this to be a very moving musical prayer and hopefully this preview will enhance your appreciation of the song when you hear it.
May this be a year of love and kindness,
May strangers come to be friends,
May truth and compassion always guide us.
May this be a year of hope and healing,
For all of those in need,
May all of our deeds be a blessing.
A new year, a good year, a chance to start all over,
A new year, a sweet year, a chance to bring us closer.
Closer to the ones we love,
A world that we can be proud of.
Here comes a new year.  Amen.

L’hitra’ot, until next time!